Focus On: Book Blogs

And there I’m a moody book’s blogger. I should have really learned this from the beginning! XD

The Daily Post

Who says the internet has destroyed books? With the proliferation of book blogs, bookworms are more influential (and social) than ever before. I’m a complete nerd for book blogs, and have tried book blogging myself…without much success. My mistake was I just posted a bunch of lengthy reviews of books I’d read, which I now realize weren’t very interesting to my readers unless they happened to have read those books themselves. Popular book bloggers do a lot more with their content, and here are some things I’ve since learned from them:

  • Blog about books everyone is reading now, or will be reading soon. More readers will take part in a conversation about a book they’re excited about, too.
  • Blog about books everyone has already read. Posts about books that you loved in childhood (or despised in high school) will reach a wide audience. Certain books – The Very…

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Still longing for Multiply

When I logged in on Multiply again, I just wanted to read some headline news from my friends, you know they kind of sad and mad about the closing down. Suasananya menye-menye abis pokoknya. Selalu ada entry baru, baik bagi MPer yang baru tahu maupun MPer yang sudah tahu dan say goodbye, berulang-ulang melolong (posting entry baru dengan topik yg sama) karena susah move on.

Or how hard it is for them to backing all entries up but then they ended up re-reading old entries and felt so devastated that those memory are gonna be dumped by MP. Kadang masih ikutan emosional pas bacanya, apalagi MP’s buddies itu member yg lumayan militan dan setia banget. Rata-rata minimal sudah 5 tahunan di MP dan berkerabat baik dengan sebagian besar penghuninya.

And why was I logged in on MP?

Oh, yeah. It’s because I read on the internet when you imported your entries on the new blog, there will be bad for SEO and google will dumped you for having a duplicated post, and so on, and so on. Too technical for me and I’m tired reading it so I think I’m gonna delete all my old entries first before MP does.

But then, I saw this stats:

Anda telah menjadi anggota sejak May 18, ’07.
Anda sign in terakhir pada August 9, ’12 dari
Alamat e-mail Anda adalah


Nggak nyangka ya uda uda 5 tahun jadi member MP. Dan kalau dirunut dari awal sih saya sejak SMP kelas 1 ya disana. Too much memories there. Walaupun isinya junk semua. Ya maklumlah, anak labil apa sih yang bisa di tulis. Haha, kebanyakan isinya kayak quiz dan blogthings gitu. Sisanya paling cerita-cerita immature dan nggak penting. Masih ketawa aja nih bacanya~ tapi justru itu kan yg bikin kita instropeksi diri setelah liat perkembangan selama bertahun-tahun. Kalau dulu dangkal, ya sekarang di gali lebih dalam gitu aja ya.

I think I understand my MP’s buddies feeling now. I’m also overwhelmed by the memories. I remember back then when I was a Junior High and my other friends were raging on Friendster, I was looking for something cool other than FS, beside I kinda sick of FS. It was just not interesting anymore and so old fashion.

I was looking for tutorial ‘how to’ make a blog. I wanted to have a blogspot actually, but I found ‘how to’ for MP instead, made one, and never regret the decision. It was a very cool blog. It had a lot of features just like friendster has.. and soon they advancing the technology and become way more super hi-tech then Facebook is. Everything facebook have, Multiply also have it, and plus MP have a blog!!

But most of all, MPs buddies and the community is the best of all. I didn’t think I’m going to stay long there without their friendships (well, I’m moody and bored easily). Though I’ve been long not posting any in the past 2 years since I’m in college. But, it’s will be a memorable memories, I guess.


Barusan selesai ngedelete seluruh entry sejak tahun 2007-2011, I think I’m going to keep 2012’s entries just so people still can read my entries. I think it’s time now. I really need to say goodbye and move on.