Charlie is a Wallflower

I’ve just watched “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Been looking for the movie since I heard Emma Watson and Logan Lerman casted for it. I’m a big fan of EmWatz and Logan Lerman. So happy that they’re paired together in the movie. I’m excited to watch them play and it was really great.


The story itself made me embarrassed, haha. I guess we once had a phase like Charlie too. You know, all about crush and dating, etc. I have an ebook copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower since Oct 2012 but waited to buy the printed one before I read it. I’m such a picky. And now after watching the movie I regret it because there’s something I need to know more, especially about what happened with Charlie and his Aunt? I must read the book and review it soon.. well, maybe after my final test.


Charlie got a sexual abuse from her Aunt. It’s sad and I feel sorry toward him. At such a young age he’s exposed to this kind of abuse frome his dear Aunt. It makes sense now why Charlie always sees things or having a bad dream or behave that way. He’s traumatic and trying to forget things with his Aunt beacuse he loves her and very fond of her so he try to remembers only good thing about her.

Anyway, their acting was splendid. Emma Watson is out of question, she’s always been great. But honestly I can’t believe Logan Lerman can play such a nerdy and coward boy, I mean he’s damn hot in his latest movie. How could he become a wallflower now? Well, I guess he’s indeed a wonderful actor, eh. Can’t wait to watch his next movie.


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