Is it my browser or just google sucks?

I was clearing my recent history and then this problem happened again.

I can’t log in to my gmail account, and by that means I can’t access all my account that’ve been syncronized with GOOGLE such as my Blogspot. WTF.

It was happened to me like a month ago, same problem after I cleared my recent history. I’ve had searching all kind of methods possible from internet to overcome this problem.

I need to blog something super important. So I was quiet persistent. It was cost me 4-5 hours till I was dizzy and want to vomit because I need to face on the screen for a long time. But it seems nothing can help me log in to my account. Then I was given up, decided to have a sleep and in the morning I checked up it’s still can’t do. But then, voila, the day after suddenly I can log in to my gmail. Just for waiting one or two days without really do anything. WTF.

I hope I don’t need to wait any longer this time because I really have something really important to do with my blogging. I have a book’s blog and need to edit, post the winner for my Annual Contest event. It’s really bad timing. And also I have this Secret Santa event going on and I really need to blogwalking and commenting while on it because it’ll be not polite if I don’t do that as soon as possible.

Lucky I use microsoft outlook so I’m not entirely cut out from my bussiness and activities. Can’t imagine if I can’t send/received any email at all due to this damned problem. I don’t like sign in in wordpress from PC due to slow internet connection, idk why WP is very hard to connect, it’s very slow beacuse it’s too much? I think blogger is more faster and user friendly.

God, I miss having my push email back. It sucks that I need to post in my PC, the connection is slow and I don’t feel comfortable writing it in my desk. Guess I’m used to write in anytime and anywhere possible with my blackberry. It’s very convenients to write in smartphne while I’m in the mood for blogging

PS: I write this on my outlook. Still not getting used in WP. By the time I can sign in to WP, I’ve already lost the mood.


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