Badly hurt

Some people come in your life as blessings,
others come in your life as lessons.
Just be grateful of who they are.
They makes you stronger.


Selalu ada beberapa orang yang pada akhirnya akan menyakiti hati. Entah sengaja maupun enggak. Who hurt you the most usually the person close to you most. All I could do is to understand and tolerate them.

So when one of your friend is behaving badly. Just keep quite for awhile. Don’t ask any question, try to understand them. And if they’re still goes on with that problem and there’s no way for you to get in. Take a break. The distance is good for both of you. Otherwise one of you will get hurt. And your feelings also could be badly hurt.

So, girls, if you have a problem don’t take it out on people close to you. That people who may care about you. Dewasa dong, nggak usah nyakitin orang lain kalau kamu lagi ada masalah. It’s annoying and it hurts! Talk about it or just leave them alone. Then you can solve whatever that problem alone!


your friend!


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