Bahasa Bloopers

Saya dapat link ini dari seorang teman di twitter. Dan setelah di baca anjiiir~ lucu banget =)) Jadi nggak cuma kita yang kesulitan pronounce english, tapi orang asing pun susah membedakan kata yang pengucapannya mirip =))

I got rambut and rumput mixed up. You can imagine the bemused looks (amongst the laughter) I got at the hairdressers.
I also used to get merah and marah mixed up. I just couldn’t hear the difference.
Another was jelek and jehat.

“Tolong rumput saya di potong bob ya.”


“I get mixed up between Kentang and Kencing.
When I want french fries I ask for kenching goreng.”
Danny Dangler

Muahaha, kencing goreng is hilarious!


These are good. The two embarrasing ones I have said are “jembut” when I wanted to saw “jemput” Actually I said to the taxi driver “Saya mau jembut teman” Then the other is boker and bokek . Oh yeah one more. Now I haven’t made this mistake but I have heard many expats that have trouble with the Indonesian “r” make this mistake: Any reference to “Serpong” becomes…well anyone knowledgeable of dirty Indonesian words can figure the mistake that is made.
Bang Arif

They’ve also learnt some Indonesian dirty words!


I used to get pretty confused between angin & anging. So you can imagine the reaction when I used masuk anging instead of masuk angin once. Only after that mistake I realised & remembered the difference 😛

Oh, itu bacanya anjing toh~


That’s hilarious lol. I got another one ,though not really a blooper strictly. Once when we were riding a bike at night, my wife screamed “Polisi Tidur!!”. I was like “Ono opo? Dimana polisi?”. For a moment I was worried that we r in trouble or something since she mentioned Polisi. But after a hard bump & some frantic explanations from her side I realised that speedbreakers are called polisi tidur here 😛

Bisa bahasa jawa juga nih bule =)). Btw, menurut Cliodna di British English, speed bump juga disebut “sleeping policeman”


Before I moved here to Jakarta, my wife (who is Indonesian) would ask her friends in Indonesia if they wanted her to bring anything from America. I thought I heard her correctly when I asked my Indonesian friend living in Chicago “Kamu mau titit?”

LoL.. Titip jadi titit =))


It’s still going on, if you want to read it yourself.. here and here for more amusing experience.


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