A lil’ bit chit-chatting

In today class I noticed that the exchange students are catching flu. Poor baby.. maybe because our weather’s changes from summer to winter (skip the fall). As I know some of Indonesian can’t run away from the cold either. I think I’m also getting flu, ketularan mereka nih *susut umbel*

So, I tried to chat with Lya and Mya. They’re both from Sweden (or Denmark? I forgot). They are so nice even though I’m gelagapan ngomong pake bahasa Inggris. Mya the oldest, she’s 24 and still in the 3rd semester for undergraduate program. Lya’s 21 now, they go to the same university. Mya said that it’s common there to take a couple of years off before continue their study. Mya spent her 4 years off to travel and work. So does Lya, but she only took 1 year off. Ugh, I’m very jealous of them.

They were quite shock knowing I’m still 20 years old and in 5th semester already. They wondered how can indonesian students look very young. Well, it’s because we are indeed still young. LoL. I explained to them that in Indonesia if we take a years off after high school then it will be very difficult for us to enter a good university.

Lya said that it’s very common in europe to take a years off after High School. But France more similiar like Indonesia The system push theis student to go into college right after high school. And Mya said that we are very fortunate because we can go into college while we still young and then get a good job after that. Yeah, I guess that’s a good point from our system.

Mya asked me wether I’m going to take master degree after this. I said nope, I want to but not now. I’ll take it after I had a job so I can pay for my master degree. Then she asked how did I paid for my tuition for my undergraduate study. Of course I said my parents paid for me. Susah banget ya di Indonesia untuk cari part-time buat high schoolers secara banyak banget pengangguran terdidik.

Lya asked me something that made me LoL. She’s been very curious about my name. I guess ‘Oky’ sounds very fake to her. I don’t blame her, I used to hate it. She actually asked me is it my real name? Muahahaha.. But I had to tell her that it’s unfortunately real.  I told them it’s a very common name for boys in Indonesia. And it doesn’t have a meaning at all. Well, at least mine is not. She said that it’s sounds cute and a bit Japanese-ish. Haha, I’ve thought it does sound cute either when you spell it in english pronounciation. And I said, yeah I’ve heard before that ‘Oki’ means ‘lake’ in Japanese. Maybe it is, who knows?

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