Not a box full of stone but a stone as big as a box

I remember that night, when I'm still a new kid in the boarding house. I heard a loud noises around 3 AM. Bump, bump, bump! It's like a something really heavy hitted the ground.

So I checked out and I saw a girl (I supposed she's my senior) lifted a box in the stairs. One at a time, seems like a real heavy thing.

I helped her out. It's a damned heavy. She said it's a stone and I was like 'Yeah, rite. No way it's a stone. And why is it so big anyway. And why are you carrying a big heavy stone at 3AM?'

But I didn't say a thing and just helped her out then got back to sleep in my room.

The next day I knew she studies geodesi so that night before was a real stone then. Wew..


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