So Much for Promises

I did it again, huh?

Promise to write more often but then it’s been 5 months since my last post. Haha.

Well I’m not sorry actually. As usual, busy schedule, not in the mood, or currently in the appropriate situation to write any.

So, here my current state: I get a typhus.

Not that bad, only a pre-symptons but I got down pretty harsh and my parents kinda freaked out. They told me to get an ‘opname’ immediately while I think a big nonsense since I still can take care of myself. I can even driving in the morning though I’m tore down again in the afternoon and every other night.

So, in the middle of my struggle (hell yeah). I heard that this Scholarship’s application I wanted to since high school is must be filled in due to the day after tomorrow.

I’m in such a rush to get my photograph taken, asking an approval to the faculty, and completed all of the papers that necessary in 1 day. I took care of it in high fever, and my body is so weak. But I’m willing to do it anyway.

The disaster happened when I still can get the faculty’s approval in the deadline’s day. It was 31 May’s, and they can only approved me the next day, on 1 June.

I decided it to sent it without the approval’s paper. But the courier said they can only delivered the application on 1 June. Oh meeeen.. But I wanted it so bad So I kept sent it anyway.

Then on 1 June I sent the approval paper from my faculty and the courier said the can delivered it on 2 June. Still, I sent it anyway.

My senior said we’ll got a text from them if our application’s been accepted and then we can go to the next level: Psychotest (did I wrote it right?). But the day passed and I still haven’t gotten the text.

This is it. I ruined my only chances! Shit! Goodbye scholarship! I gave up. I never thought about it anymore.. But then the text was coming today~

OMG I’m so glad !!

But the test will be held on 13th June. Damn, I have a final test that day and in the same time. I can feel my happiness fade away. Damn, I won’t make it. Goodbye… (again)

That’s before my friend texted me and told me if we’ll have the final text in the next following week, not this week!

Shit happens!

I still get the chances, boy!

Yes, yes!!

I’m going to have a psikotes on 13th June. In my current state, I still got my thypus and still in Madiun. Anyway I’m going back to Jogja tomorrow. And hopefully I can get on the interview, and passed it as well. Pleaseeeee let me be the one of the chosen!

Thanks, God! You indeed love me..

I’ll try my best. Please, please let me get the scholarship, please!


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