Memory blast~er

My sister told me to move my files from her notebook (mostly my highschool pics) or else she’s gonna delete it. And I said, go ahead.

That’s before I took a glance of these pics and it was like, OMG I miss those moments and all of them~ HIGH SCHOOL.

I’m going to beg my sister to keep it for me for a month before I can move all the files to my HDex. I so not gonna delete it, ever.

Buat yang lagi UN sekarang, doh kalian pasti bakalan kangen sekangen-kangennya sama temen-temen sekelas. Serius deh. They are precious!!

Btw, sambil buka foto-foto SMA itu gaya ceribelele sudah sering saya pake lho, that’s even before ceribelekan exist!! (pose yg begini)

Haruskah saya tuntut si ceribelele itu *HEH* karena make pose yang sudah lama jadi trademark saya, hm? (Iya, itu pose yg jadi PP) *ditendang*

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