Effing Helling Day


I was so excited to watch it since our goverment already pulled out their ‘larangan’. So I took the first train at 5.25 am and went for 3 hours headed to Yogyakarta from Madiun. My mother cook instant noodles for my breakfast but I think it’s bad noodle because I get stomache and had to the toilet on the train! Not to mention 2 hours in pain before I could go to the toilet. And the AC was not help at all.

After that, I still got a lot of time before bought Harry Potter’s ticket so I impulsively rode TransJogja to get to my dorm which was took about another one and half an hour and I got really sick! I always wanted to puke when I walked from shelter to my dorm. It was far and quite sunny so I felt it was like a hell. I got to go to the toilet again right after I arrived in the dorm. Dang!

At noon, my Dad called me and asking had I already paid the tuition. Well, I just had came out from toilet, I got really sick and I didn’t ate at all. But I had to go to paid that tuition so there I go. And the administrator said that I had to walk about 18 minutes to the bank and gave them the slip! Omaigad!! I was forced to walk again for 36minutes while what I wanted most was laying on my bed, sleep. Crap!

After that effing helling paying tuition I rode to Empire XXI because there was pre-sale ticket for Harry Potter and the queue was a shock! And the most shocking moment was after 30minutes I reach the front line and read the sticker that said one person gets 4 tickets max! Dang! I was planning to buy 7 tickets in one row. Omigod. Die. So the starving and sick me had to go home.

But, well, I had to get my motorcycle serviced so I spent about 45minutes waited and curcol to my friend that I didn’t get the tickets and that I had to wait until 3 to get it with mtix. And then here came my hero, she asked that she would help me to ge the tickets for 7. Together we went to Empire XXI again and it went well, the queue wasn’t that long anymore and we get the ticket for weekend, 20% more expensive but I don’ mindd. We even had a good talk, so thank you!

I’m waiting for next saturday. Se you guys :*

Err, I’m not done yet. After I got to my dorm, all I wanted was sleep. But my room was being repaired so it’s dirty, full with dust or cements. My foot get dirty and itchy then I had to spent an hour or two to get rid of it! In the end of the day I got so tired and still couldn’t sleep at all. Dang!

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