There goes, gath!


It’s been half a year or so I didn’t hang out with my High School Friend. We were having a break almost at the same time so it’s easy to arrange a gathering. They were pretty often to gath but I always had no time to come. So, I decided today meet them. I went on-time but they were came sooooo laaaaate then they’re suppossed to be. So, I spent half an hour in parking lot alone and garing *kriuuk*

Well, I thought they’d be more to come but eventually only 7 could made it. But, show must go on. We ate at Super Sambel where the sambels were very spicy and super hot!! We were all gone crazy and sweat like a pig. Me and Jajap even forced to cry because those evil indonesian’s chilli. We even ordered another ice drink and a bowl of rice to chill down. And in no time that feel like forever we finished already. We’d just need 30 minutes to feel the pain. Just 30 minutes but felt like forever. Can you believe it? 30 minutes!

Then we headed to Madiun Square. It’s alun-alun city but then about a year ago it had been reconstructed and been named Madiun Square. I saw Madiun Square in the noon, it’s looked empty, spacious, and extremely hot. But in the night for the first time I went there, it’s crowded with people, so luminance with light, and clean! There’s a lot of people who light the fireworks. Love it.


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