Holidays Alert!!

*credit to icanread

So, I get a long holidays before I continue to start my new semester. You can call it Summer Holiday but of course it’s not literaly summer because I live in tropical country so everyday is summer for me. LOL.

Then, I have a few plans to spent a quality time during this holiday.



1. Read, read, read and read!

I’ve been in pain for bills that keep coming because I’m shopping like crazy! Okay, maybe I’m not like those girl who loves shopping for fashion. Well, I do love fashion but I’m not Fashion chic or whatever you call it. I love to spent more on books than buying clothes. Well, I’m shopping books. Like, almost half a dozen books in one go. And in less than 1 weeks interval. It’s crazy, you know. Because I keep buying but have no time to read all those books. So, I keep piling-up dozens books in my dorm and when there’s no free space anymore so I sent back half of it to my parents house. And they were like really freak out and going crazy because I spent a lot of their money.


*credit icanread

Currently I’ve been challenge myself to read at some amount books which led by Goodread: 2011 Reading Challenge

And I’ve decide to challenge myself to read 211 books this year because it’s 2011 and there is no way I could read a thousands, so that’s a reason why I’m reading like crazy. I try to read at least one book a day and it works since I have more free time. So far it’s become my best plan to ever being work out. I’ve been reading 126 books and soon-to-be 128 so I’m positive I’ll pass 211 books before December. Wish me luck guys 😀

2. Driving Lesson

My Dad tutoring me by himself. We were driving in empty blocks around rice field so it was quite and very hot. It’s not warm, it’s damn hot. I swear it’s about 42 Celcius so in no time I quickly get tanned.

Well, I’m lacking consistency so we merely doing it only for 3 days. I planned to get paid-driving-lesson, it’ll cost a lot but we agreed that will works for me better than if he do it. So, I wish I could get driving license before August end which is 3 weeks to go.

3. Get a pixie cut

You know, I always have this impulsive behaviour to get my hair done. So, two days after I start my holiday I get my hair bob. It’s about my shoulder. And another bob which is shorter than before—it’s only two weeks after the first done—about my neck. Then, I finished it beautifully with pixie three days later. I don’t wanna ruin my first pixie ever so I chose the most wellknown barbershop in my town so I’ll get the best kapster to get my hair done.

The funny thing is the kapster don’t know what pixie is! Oh-my-god, I almost can’t believe it. I mean, helloow, EmWatz’s Pixie had been a cover in a dozens international magz for a year, how could he don’t know that? Well, I gest he suppose only read middle-age-lads magazine because that’s the only mags they’d ever gave to me. So, I was told him it’s like dudes hair model. Short and really literely dude’s hair. There was no other way to explain better than saying “Hey, cut my hair like a dude’s hair, thanks.” And here we have a lady with-dude’s-hair-who-insist-it’s-a-pixie.

4. Cooking

It’s really never happened since my mother insist to cook my favorites food so, I really have no chance to cook. I guess we can save it for another “free time”.

5. Work-out

Yeah, rite.

This one is the only planned I always know that would never ever gonna happen. So, I’m giving up!


Well, afterall it’s good to know I have done and currently doing about 3 of 5, you know!!



*credit to icanread

So, how’s your holiday?


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