Geez, i can’t barely decide on my own?

Hmm.. it’s been a long time I posted here. It’s because my unpredictable mood. Since everything didn’t goes well with this “comment-feature”-thingy, I got very angry at blogspot and never had a blogging since then. Not in Multiply nor Tumblr. Geez.

And now I realize how much I miss blogging.

I really, really miss it.

So, i haven’t decided whether to change the template from Classic to Widget or not. I don’t really need comments though since there’s not many people knows about this blog and I love this theme from blogskin, it gives me a lot of space to pictures i wanna add. But in other side I really really wants Neta to acknowledge me and my english since she’s fluent and good and nice and had said she was happy to correct my bad.

Here I need to come with my priority. It’s Neta. Then it means changing template to widget.

But my insanity win. I love it so much that I cannot take this away from me. I am so in love with blogskins. Haha..

I’m sorry. I guess I just need to compromise with Neta about how she will comment me 😛

So, i guess that’s all for now.
See u.

PS: I’m trying to learn how to post via email. And I hope my next post will posted out from my email 😀


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