Final Exams and Guys?

I’ve been busy with final exams lately so I completely forgot about this blog at all. Sorry, but I really am forgot. This final exams’s seems to be so important so that everyone kept telling me that it’s really damn important.

Admited it: the score will be needed for the college entrances.

I don’t care about this thing. I never think it were that important nor studied hard and don’t mind got bad grade. I usually said, “Yeah Right!” and rolled my eyes, but I really can’t do that this time. I was more likely, “Oh my god, they’re right. I need to be serious now or I wouldn’t get a great score and wouldn’t be able to pass the college. Shit!”

And suddenly I was sitting and read the damn text books. Yeah, I studied hard. Because some says, “Studied Hard = Good Grade”. Oh hope they were right. So, lets see my grade later.

By the way, while I’m log on my tweet, I got this:

guy #1: your best friend.
he’s there for you, always. he would never let you down, cares about you, comforts you when you’re down, protects you when you’re put down. he would never betray you. keep him.

guy #2: the player.
you can’t help but to fall for him. he seems to do everything right, so you think you love him. in the end, you find out he played you, lied to you, used you, and probably didn’t really even care about you. forget him.

guy #3: the enemy.
the one who would do anything just to bring you down. he’ll humiliate you, judge you, embarrass you, anything he can do just to make you feel smaller than what you are. ignore him.

guy #4: your soul mate.
often turns out to be you’re best friend. he tells you how it is, even if you don’t want to hear the truth. he’ll hold you, kiss you, protect you, and love you no matter what. you can talk to him about anything. he’ll see you at your worst and still think you’re beautiful. he’s there for you no matter what. love him.

Not to mention about guys, but I like how it described in type.


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