They can walk

I currently read Sea of Shoes. The famous blog of Jane Aldridge about her fantasy fashion world, and I kinda admiring her. Just by the scene from her shoe wall you can tell me that she loves shoes.

Jane Aldridge’s Shoe Wall

Somehow I’m a lil’ bit obssesed on shoes because of her. And her shoe wall makes me very envious!

Well, that doesn’t make me an expert. I still have so much to learn. I even don’t know the name what kind of shoes she wore. I’m happy for just seeing it. I’m not rich. I have no budget for shoes. Expensive-branded-shoes, especially. So I’m just doing what I can do with all I have. Searching shoes on google. Haha. Haven’t I told you I’m not rich?

I blame you Ms. Aldridge
. Yes, you! But I like your sense of fashion. And of course your blog indeed.

Here, let me show you some of shoes I admire from Jane’s closet.

BCBG ponyhair wedges 

herringbone cap-toe boots by Channelover-the-knee boots by Barney’s Co-Op

Dolce and Gabanna face wedges

IDK what its name

Martin Margiela sandal boots

There are many more shoes from her blog. Too bad, I can’t posted them all. But you always could check her out on SeaOfShoes.comAnd told ya, they’re worth to watch.

The best shoes of all goes to
Miu Miu spectator pumps from fall 2007


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