Love this blog

I don’t know why suddenly become productive on gaining entries today. This entry is the sixth!! I have no idea how many thing I’d like to share/wrote right here. Maybe before I knew it, I already in love with this blog? Who knows.

The fact I started wrote in english simply because I feel I’d like to. Although my grammar suck and limited on its vocab, it doesn’t matter. I just practicing. Nothing wrong with that. It must be weird if I’m doing good in the first time. That’s not called learning. That’s called an expert. So that’s why I love the way the secretly of this blog. No one knows about it. It’s only me and my passion on writing. I wish goodluck for both of us, blog.

Haha. Okay, I’m going crazy wrote that kind of joke. Speaking to your Diary Blog.

Anyways, maybe no knows, of course. But I changed my template just know. I was using XML, but there’s no pretty layout like Classics provide. So I’m back to old style. I found this beautiful code made by Felicia. I love the pictures on this sidebar entries. It just look so pure and beautiful. I like it a lot. Thanks to you Felicia. Maybe I’ll use your another creation, next time XD


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